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Kevy Nova: Other Music

Other Music You Will Like.

Bronwen Jones

Bronwen Jones is a brilliant musician who plays piano, cello, harp, oboe, guitar, bass, synthesizers and whatever else she can get her hands on. She is fluent in everything from Classical to Rock and she composes music for NASA's videos as well as for herself. She is going to change the world.


SEZU is one of my absolute favorite Bay Area bands. Great original songs played by great musicians! I highly recommend following them!


A female duo playing the BEST original Indie Folk music you'll hear. They have GREAT songs and put on one hell of a show. Totally worth seeing!

Ken Voorheis

Ken Voorhies writes really deep songs and has a wonderful, soulful voice. His CD is really great, and I'm not just saying that because I played lead guitar on a few tracks. ;-) 


Three incredible musicians playing Prog Rock. They will leave your jaw on the floor.

Harold Fethe

Harold is a jazz guitarist extraordinaire. Every time I hear him, I learn something new about the guitar.

David Thompson

David is an excellent songwriter with a couple of really good Blues/Rock CDs. Give him a listen!

EMJ Jazz Trio

Classic Jazz on Bass, Drums and Guitar. These guys are GOOD!


A great Bay Area singer/songwriter. If you like acoustic guitar songs with great singing and deep, personal lyrics, you'll love tracyshaun!

Anthony Bello

Anthony is a super talented Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist with catchy songs.

Slanted House

Another cool band from Pacifica.

Groovy Judy

Groovy Judy is the Bay Area's psychedelic sweetheart! If Jimi had a sister...

Dune Tran
One of my favorite Bay Area singer/songwriters.
Bad Jacket

An original Rock Band based in Pacifica, CA.

Phoebe Erler

Phoebe is yet another hidden gem, but I bet not for long.

Diego Picetti

Not only is Diego one of the best electric guitarists I know, he's a truly beautiful human being as well.

Nomi Harper

Nomi is a very folksy/bluesy/soulful singer/songwriter who I sometimes get the pleasure of playing with. A woman of many talents.

Five Eyed Hand

One of the Bay Area's busiest and jazziest jam bands.

Mike McCall - San Francisco Spanish Guitarist

If you are looking for Spanish Guitar, this is the guy to go to.


I don't know these guys but a friend of mine LOVES them.

The Peat-Fire Flame

You may not be Scottish but I guarantee that you will think you are after listening to this incredible duo!

Things to make you Laugh.

Emo Philips
Treat yourself to my favorite comedian!
A Comedy Of Horrors
Not Safe For Work (or children for that matter), this site has all kinds of funny stuff.