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Kevy Nova: Store

Greatest Hits Volume I - Album available as download or CD.

You can download individual songs as well as my whole album on iTunes.

Of course, you can still buy a good, old-fashioned, physical CD at either CD Baby or Amazon.

Kevy Nova: Greatest Hits, Vol. I
Buy my album from CD Baby!

Reasons to buy a CD:

1. You can't admire an MP3 sitting on your shelf.

2. The CD makes a wonderful flying disc toy for your puppy!

3. It's easier for me to autograph a CD than a download.

4. It looks cool sticking out from your car's sun visor.

5. You can still listen to me after your computer dies and you lose your phone!

6. If you get tired of the music, it will always make a great coaster.

7. It'll be a wonderful conversation piece for future generations.

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